UPDATING HOMECOMING ROUTE MAP (Case Study: Sulawesi Islands)

Nadila Dwiyanti, Soni Darmawan


Homecoming in Indonesia is identical with annual traditions that occur before religious holidays such as before Eid. That's when the opportunity to gather with relatives who are in his hometown. The number of enthusiasts going home, the density of vehicles in a number of sections will be a barrier for travelers to their hometown. To help travelers and other road users in planning or considering the route to be traveled, then media is needed that can provide information that can help in traveling back and forth. Geospatial Information Agency as the organizer and provider of spatial information, made a homecoming map together with Itenas in 2017 and 2018 for major islands in Indonesia including Sulawesi Island. This homecoming map was created by updating the homecoming map for 2018 by adding geographical elements and facilities that were not previously mapped to the homecoming map atlas in 2018 to match the actual conditions on the ground. The purpose of this research is to identify the elements that need to be updated on the homecoming atlas map, examine aspects of cartography that need to be updated in making homecoming maps, and evaluate the results of updating the Homecoming Atlas through a digital questionnaire. The method were qualitative analysis by identifying the elements needed in updating, with data processing gradually starting from classification, editing and generalization, adding supplementary information, to collecting questionnaires as evaluation material for the 2019 homecoming map atlas. The results of this study are Atlas of Mudik Maps 2019 Sulawesi Island region which has been updated with elements and aspects of the cartography, the results of the evaluation of the suitability and usefulness of homecoming maps, and the 2019 Homecoming Atlas Map of the Sulawesi Island region which is distributed digitally through the official website of Itenas Bandung. With this homecoming map, it is expected that users can be helped in choosing the best route when planning a travel route to be taken by considering information about the homecoming activities on the map.


Homecoming; Homecoming Route Map; Identification; Geographic Elements; Cartographic Aspects

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24895/SNG.2019.4-0.1107

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