Android Application Development for Unlivable Houses Data Collection Based on Participatory Mapping

Alfadila Anas, Dewi Kania Sari


Unlivable houses are houses that do not meet building safety requirements, minimum building area adequacy, and the health of residents. In Indonesia itself, especially in Bandung City, there are still many unlivable houses that have not been clearly recorded. This data is needed by the government for the purpose of improving the quality of unlivable houses. Participatory mapping with involving the community
can help the government in collecting data of unlivable houses. Unlivable houses data collection in Indonesia is still using conventional methods with field papers and cameras for taking photos. Therefore, there is a need to develop a media which can be used for collecting data of unlivable houses which integrated into an online database. The aim of this research is to develop an android application that can be used for collecting data of unlivable houses based on participatory mapping and to test this application in Bandung City area. The system development method used in this research is the prototype model which has several stages that keep repeating, starting from listening to customer, build/revise mock-up, and customer test drives mockup. This application was built with Android Studio, basemap from Mapbox, and 000WebHost to store data in online databases. This study successfully developed the
android application for collecting data of unlivable houses based on participatory mapping, which has been tested with black box testing
and beta testing. This android application has been applied to collect some data of unlivable houses in Bandung City area. With this application, the community is expected to participate in collecting data of unlivable houses in the environment they live in.


android aplication; house; particiapatory mapping

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